Your Broker's Worst Nightmare

Full Name
Your Broker's Worst Nightmare: 14 Industry Secrets To Buying Gold & Silver That Your Broker Is Praying You Never Discover

A ‘Must Read’ book for people who are new to Gold and Silver investing, Your Broker’s Worst Nightmare is made to introduce precious metals investing and its basics to investors new in the industry. Packed with comprehensive information you can immediately put into place, this book gives you the proper information when buying precious metals, best possible prices, which of the two precious metals are better for your investment, and the best ways to sell your gold and silver. Upon completing this book, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to buy precious metals, and not your broker.

Through this book, you'll discover:

  1. How the broker system works and how the game is played.

  2. Why price is so important. Don't allow yourself to be fooled.

  3. How to decide in advance what you want to buy and don't allow yourself to be sold.

  4. How to spot all of the hidden fees and avoid them.

  5. Promotions and gimmicks, how to spot them and how to avoid getting ripped off by them.

  6. Is it better to buy gold, or is silver a better investment? 

  7. What to look for and watch out for so you will be able to buy metals at the best possible prices.

  8. Should you buy coins, bars, bags of junk silver, foreign metals or what?

  9. Can the government really confiscate your gold?

  10. Are all types of precious metals purchases reportable?

  11. What is the best way to dollar cost average when buying gold and silver?

  12. What is the best way to sell your gold and silver?