The Investor's Guidebook to Equities

Full Name
The Investor's Guidebook to Equities: Equity Pricing, Trading, and Investing

The Investor's Guidebook to Equities is a concise, authoritative guide providing all the information that both the professional and individual investor need to succeed in today's equity market. Stuart Vale delivers a straightforward and comprehensive guidebook to understanding equity investments. This book is included in The Investor's Guidebook series which presents investment vehicles and strategies from both the issuers' and the investors' perspectives. It provides coverage on the basic concepts, pricing models, strategies, and tactics.

The Investor's Guidebook to Equities covers:

  1. The role that equities play in a company's capital structure and in a portfolio

  2. Determining and optimizing a company's weighted average cost of capital

  3. The role of preferred stock within a company's capital structure

  4. The various types of preferred stock

  5. How new stocks are issued

  6. The top ten equity strategies

  7. Alternative ways to obtain equity exposures

Table of Contents



  1. Introduction to Stocks

  2. Overview of the Valuation Process

  3. Restating an Income Statement

  4. Valuation Using Share Price and Earnings per Share

  5. Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

  6. Relative Value Analysis

  7. Value Stocks

  8. Growth Stocks

  9. Alternative Equity Strategies

  10. Technical Analysis

  11. Preferred Stock

  12. Convertible Securities

  13. Behavioral Finance

  14. Trading Securities

Publisher's Note