The Dark Side of Valuation

Full Name
The Dark Side of Valuation: Valuing Young, Distressed, and Complex Businesses

The Dark Side of Valuation is the definitive guide to valuing complex companies in today’s financial markets. This book looks at a range of these companies, from start-ups in new businesses to distressed companies, from banks facing regulatory turmoil to commodity firms, and from emerging market upstarts to multinationals that spread across geographies and businesses. With each grouping, this extensive guide helps you examine the call of the dark side and its practices and frameworks to value these firms. The Dark Side of Valuation looks at companies across the life cycle and in different markets.

In the process, you learn how to:

  • Deal with “abnormally low” and negative risk-free rates in valuation
  • Adapt to dynamic and changing risk premiums
  • Value young companies that are disrupting existing businesses
  • Analyze commodity and cyclical companies across cycles
  • Value a company as the sum of its parts or as an aggregation of its users/subscribers and customers
  • Determine the difference between pricing and valuation, and why some investments can only be priced