The Complete Book of Option Spreads and Combinations

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The Complete Book of Option Spreads and Combinations: Strategies for Income Generation, Directional Moves, and Risk Reduction

The Complete Book of Option Spreads and Combinations is the definitive educational resource and reference guide for using option spreads and other common-sense option strategies. This useful guide shows readers how to select the right strategy for their market outlook and risk/reward comfort level by describing the inner workings of each strategy and how they are affected by underlying market movements, implied volatility, and time decay. It identifies those strategies that benefit from option erosion but that limit risk.

"Option spreads are a vital tool for any serious trader and Scott Nations explains how and why to use them better than anyone else. This book is a step by step guide, covering everything from the basics to more complicated strategies, and Scott's years of experience come through in his valuable and entertaining narrative. I recommend this book to Options traders of all levels, as well as to anyone interested in adding a powerful new strategy to their financial toolbox."

Jackie DeAngelis, Host of CNBC's Futures Now

"The explosive growth of options trading among retail investors is one of the most exciting and potentially dangerous trends in the stock market. Professional investors are happy to welcome the new money because most it ends up in their pockets. Newcomers are drawn to the potentially explosive rewards, but they'll never see those gains unless they first have a roadmap and a full grasp on how to match their strategies to their goals and risk tolerance.

Scott Nations is one of a select few voices in financial punditry with the mental horsepower to understand sophisticated strategies and clarity of voice to explain those techniques in a way readers will be able to grasp and put to work. Getting the secrets of professional traders is great but what individual investors really need to have is a grasp of the strategies that fit their needs.

Don't try to teach yourself how to trade options on the fly. Arm yourself with as much personalized knowledge as you can get. Before you trade options to invest in this book. Read it… twice."

Jeff Macke, Host on Yahoo! Finance, original cast member of CNBC's Fast Money, founder of Macke Asset Management, and a hedge fund manager