Studies in Tape Reading


Studies in Tape Reading is the primer on the basic laws of the market. Studies in Tape Reading is a classic of technical stock market analysis considered the most important work of one of the great market watchers of the early 20th century. This invaluable resource covers stop orders and reading rules, market techniques, price movements, and dull markets and their opportunities. It also serves as a classic of technical stock market analysis. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a novice, reading this book cannot fail to be a rewarding experience. Written many years ago, this book remains a classic on the basic rules of price movement.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter I. Introductory

  • Chapter II. Preliminary Suggestions

  • Chapter III. The Stock List Analyzed

  • Chapter IV. Stop Orders, Trading Rules, Etc.

  • Chapter V. Volumes and Their Significance

  • Chapter VI. Market Technique

  • Chapter VII. Dull Markets and Their Opportunities

  • Chapter VIII. The Use of Charts as Guides and Indicators

  • Chapter IX. Daily Trades vs. Long Pull Operations

  • Chapter X. Various Examples and Suggestions

  • Chapter XI. Obstacles to be Overcome - Possible Profits

  • Chapter XII. Closing the Trades - Suggestions for Students

  • Chapter XIII. Two Day's Trading

  • Chapter XIV. The Principles Applied to Wider Swings