Stock Market Technique Number One


Stock Market Technique Number One is a nice little book containing a collection of articles, editorials, and correspondence written by Richard Wyckoff. It was originally published in the Stock Market Technique magazine from March 1932 to July 1933. This book went into detail on how the Composite Operator works, why the 50% retracement level is important, and how to determine the trend. The manuscript's subjects include selecting the best opportunities, buying on bad news, using and exposing the Dow Theory, cascaret system of trading, and many more.


  1. How the Law of Supply and Demand Operates in the Stock Market

  2. Forecasting the Wide Swings of Auburn

  3. Trading Methods

  4. The Public at the Crossroads

  5. Knowing How

  6. Why They Bought It

  7. Charts and the Dow Theory

  8. Rigid vs. Flexible Methods

  9. Wall Street Fallacies

That You Can Put a Stock in Your Box and Forget It

That Success Depends on Having Enough Capital

  • Exploding the Dow Theory

  • The Real Value in the Financial Page of Your Newspaper

  • More Inside Information

  • Philosophy of Jay Gould

  • What Will Put this Market Up ?

  • Analysis of 4 1/2 Years of Forecasting by 41 Advisory Services and Publications

  • Run Your Own Pool

  • Spotting the Turning Points

  • Maxims of Daniel Drew

  • Figure Charts

  • Don’ t Overvalue the News

  • Stock Market Prices Fluid

  • Why Stop Orders Are Caught

  • Never Put Up Cash on a Margin Call — Three Lines of Defense Against Loss

  • More Profit in the Swings Than in the Long Pull

  • Don’ t Lean on Your Broker

  • Trading from the Tape

  • The Technician Debates with the Fundamentalist

  • The Best Stock — For Every Purse, Purpose and Personality

  • Banker a Bear on Charts

  • Advantages of a Neutral Position

  • The Old Timer Says

  • Philosophy of Famous Operators

  • Letters from Our Readers

  • Why Fundamentals Fail