Penny Pot Profits

Penny Pot Profits is a marijuana-focused higher-price newsletter aiming to weed through the emerging marijuana industry to find the best, most potentially profitable penny pot plays on the market. Ray Blanco provides guidance through his exclusive Penny Pot Index — a proprietary method of trading not used anywhere else. This publication tracks trends in the marijuana market and determines the exact moment to trade penny stocks. Penny Pot Profits serves as a foolproof way to make money in the blossoming marijuana industry.

  • Since marijuana's legalization in various states in the past years, the revenue floodgates are open for those who stake a claim in this emerging cannabis industry.

  • Ray and his team employ the knowledge gained in their line of work in combination with various bits and pieces of information to identify penny pot stocks that are going to bring you enormous gains.

  • In addition, Ray also utilizes a $265,000 supercomputer in his search for the next big penny stocks, which identifies the next penny pot stock that is about to hit it big.

What Comes with Your Penny Pot Profits Subscription?

  1. Penny Pot Flashes

  2. Text Message Alerts

  3. Penny Pot Stock Quick Start Guide

  4. Penny Pot Index

  5. Green Light, Red Light — How to Know Exactly When to Buy and Sell for the Biggest Pot Market Gains!

  6. A Ticket for Penny Pot Stock Investor’s Conference

  7. The Legalization Tracker

  8. Unlimited Access to In-House Customer Service