New Markets, New Strategies

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New Markets, New Strategies: Wealth-building Habits for Intelligent Investing

New Markets, New Strategies is a roadmap on how to navigate today's markets, for both the short and long term. It outlines an insightful, practical, and forward-thinking approach to investing. Providing investors with techniques based more on long-term performance than short-term hysteria, this book explores major themes that will move markets in the coming decade. It also probes the hidden dangers of passive management and index funds. Ultimately, New Markets, New Strategies teaches you where and how to find stocks and bonds with the best risk/reward tradeoff.

"New Markets, New Strategies is an eloquent commentary on returning to an era of investing as opposed to speculating. Jason Trennert has an uncanny ability to provide insightful information to novices and sophisticated investors alike in an easy-to-understand format."

"New Markets, New Strategies should be part of every investor's library. Trennert is informative, thoughtful, and analytics. It's a must-read."
Laura Auriana, Founder and Co-Portfolio Manager, Federated Kaufmann Fund

"I think this book is great. Jason Trennert has a writing style that is clean, crisp, and intelligent. It's a true talent made even more impressive by the fact that he is able to write in this manner on an otherwise dry, academic topic."
Steven Hadley, Smith Barney Global Private Client Group