Mastering Trading Stress

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Mastering Trading Stress: Strategies for Maximizing Performance

Mastering Trading Stress offers examples, transcripts of conversations, and personality profiles of real-life traders to illustrate how stress affects their ability to perform at their best. It describes a variety of practical techniques that can be used to handle destructive emotions and out-of-control feelings, including the author's “Most Basic” stress busters. This book also tells what to do if a breakdown should occur.

"A concise and readable guide, this book effectively utilizes case studies to illustrate the varied manifestations of stress and what to do about them."

—Brett N. Steenbarger, PhD, author, "The Psychology of Trading" and "Enhancing Trader Performance"

"In this groundbreaking book, Kiev undertakes a unique exploration of the impact of emotion and psychology on the trader and his or her investment strategy."

—Matthew S. Grossman, Chief Investment Officer, CR Intrinsic Investors LLC, a division of SAC Capital

"Ari Kiev has a tremendous ability to deliver solutions for managing trading stress. This book will benefit aspiring and established traders much as they have benefited me and others who have learned from him directly."

—Wayne Holman, founder and CEO, Ridgeback Capital Management LLC

"Kiev tells real-life stories from the front line--peeling back the cover on the role of psychology and emotion in trading. His insights and paradigmatic narratives are practical and powerful."

—Ciaran O'Kelley, Co-Head of Global Equities, Bank of America

"Ari Kiev has researched the biggest impediment to trading success: human psychology. His readers will learn to transcend their current boundaries and achieve greater success."

—Quintin Price, CIO, EMEA Pacific Equities, BlackRock

Table of Contents




  • Chapter 1 - The Nature of Stress: What is Stress and Why is It a Problem?

  • Chapter 2 -  The Emotion of Stress: What Negative Emotions are Experienced as a Result of Stress?

  • Chapter 3 -  The Dangers of Trading under Stress: How Do Attempts to Handle Stress Create Problems for the Trader?

  • Chapter 4 -  How Fear Inhibits Mastery: Can You Learn to Lessen the Central Emotion of Fear?

  • Chapter 5 - The Consequences of Negative Emotions

  • Chapter 6 -  Personalities and Stress

  • Chapter 7 -  Ego and Obstinacy

  • Chapter 8 - Fear and Failure

  • Chapter 9 - Perfectionism and Paralysis

  • Chapter 10 - Failing to Manage Risk

  • Chapter 11 - Failure to Dig Deeper

  • Chapter 12 - Failures in Shorting

  • Chapter 13 - Learning to Live with Stress

  • Chapter 14 - Exercises and Practical Applications