Brandes on Value

Full Name
Brandes on Value: The Independent Investor

Brandes on Value is a modern take on a classic approach to a timeless discipline. Through real-world examples and time-tested perspectives on classic Graham-and-Dodd principles, this book is more than just a how-to guide for value investors. It also answers how-come and how-now in the modern investment world—one that is too often distracted by short-term thinking and short-lived trends.

ON MARKET CYCLES and how boom-and-bust speculation lays the foundation for value investing opportunities that are often hidden in plain sight.

ON INVESTOR PSYCHOLOGY and why behavioral biases work against the average investor and in favor of the patient, persistent value strategist.

ON PRODUCT TRENDS and the trappings of old ineffective investments constantly repackaged into new ones.

ON "MR. MARKET" and proof that value investing pioneer Ben Graham's bipolar parable is more vocal now than ever.

ON RISK and its misperceptions that lead to costly long-term setbacks for individual and institutional investors.

ON VALUE and why this investment discipline with roots in the 1930s is more relevant and needed than ever before.