Miles Deutscher

Miles Deutscher

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Miles Deutscher is a crypto investor, influencer, and analyst at Crypto Banter, the world’s No.1 live crypto streaming channel that covers Bitcoin, breaking news, hottest stories, top founders, and billionaire’s next big market moves, every single day. Miles is focused on researching and evaluating crypto protocols. He is known for sharing his research with his audience on YouTube and Twitter. He has interviewed the likes of Michael Saylor (MicroStrategy CEO) and Aaron Rodgers (NFL Quarterback), while hosting a documentary at Bitcoin 2022 Conference.


  • Miles is focused on providing credible crypto wisdom to the masses, and pioneering the future of Web3 education via this approach.

  • He has become well-known for his Twitter “threads”, a series of tweets in which he researches and breaks down complex concepts for his audience. 

  • This has seen Miles amass over 100M impressions and 150K followers, becoming one of the most influential online figures in the space. 


  • Miles has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.