Ken Berman

Ken Berman

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The Gorilla

Ken Berman is a trusted resource and lifelong trader with over 30 years of experience on Wall Street. He has been buying and selling stocks since he was a teenager and met with early success trading then-emerging biotech stocks such as Amgen, Biogen and Immunex. In the late 1990s, Ken formalized his trading method and launched Gorilla Trades. Prior to founding Gorilla Trades, he worked as a broker and executive for two wire houses, where he developed a proprietary system for buying and selling equities. There he made millions for clients using his own algorithms for buying and selling stocks.

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  • Ken Berman has been more outspoken about his acclaimed service and its abilities to help investors of all experience levels make better-informed decisions in the market.
  • Since its foundation in 1999, Gorilla Trades gained subscribers in over 55 countries.
  • Ken utilized the GorillaTrades system to turn $250,000 of his personal savings into a very impressive $5,500,000.
  • Prior to founding GorillaTrades, Ken was Vice President of Investments at both Smith Barney and PaineWebber, with more than $100 million under management.