Hossein Azari

Hossein Azari

Formal First Name

Hossein Azari is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of cmorq. He is a prominent data scientist and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in blockchain data analytics and standardization, machine learning, and fintech. Azari is a recognized expert in mechanism design and algorithmic game theory. He is also skilled in developing algorithms and machine learning models for applications in consumer choice, rank data, targeting and advertising systems. He builds high impact data-driven approaches for consumer finance.

Professional Experience

Academic History


AT&T Shannon Labs - Research Intern

  • Worked on user testing data and activity.
  • Focused on building user connection graphs based on data and decomposing graphs into cliques os users.

Microsoft - Research Intern

  • Built a framework based on Shapley values from Economics to attribute the performance of an ensemble model to building components.
  • Implemented the methodology in a crowdsourcing setting which was launched as part of entity extraction platform system at Microsoft.

Google - Research Scientist

  • Initiated and led projects on optimization of Ad-Exchange serving system using Machine Learning techniques on massive Ads event data¬†
  • Built analytics tools for better understanding and exploration of Ads-serving funnel

Clarity Money - Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist

  • Led Data Science team focusing on building new methodologies for extracting insights and offers for consumers based on their financial activity and transactions.¬†