Dave Pell

Dave Pell

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Internet’s Managing Editor

Dave Pell is the brain behind NextDraft, a highly acclaimed newsletter and iOS app that dissects the day’s most relevant news and stories for all 160,000 readers. Dubbed as the Internet’s Managing Editor, Pell visits about 75 news sites every morning and grits the top ten most fascinating items of the day, which he delivers in a concise and witty manner to his readers, using no bots nor computer algorithms. In addition, Pell has been creating and investing in Internet startups since 1997.

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  • Pell used to regularly send out his writing and opinion pieces to his friends even before the internet.
  • He used to write an earlier version of his newsletter and stopped in the early 2000s for a while.
  • Later on, a friend convinced him to take up writing his digest again.
  • Given that he loved both email and writing about news, the current form of NextDraft was revived. 
  • Every morning, he starts browsing through 60 to 70 news websites to select the best of the best news and stories for all his readers.
  • His intense process goes on for about 3 to 4 hours in which he carefully goes through the news websites.
  • Then, he chooses the best ones to include in a compelling list of top 10 stories that seem to be the most relevant and newsworthy ones. Mainly, so the readers don’t have to.
  • Then the newsletter comes together when he summarizes the gist of each story, provides his commentary, and adds a healthy dose of friendly, warm humor.


  • Pell has appeared as a guest at the 2021 Real Vision Festival of Learning.