Blake Richardson

Blake Richardson

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Blake Richardson is an investor at BlockTower Capital, a leading crypto and blockchain investment firm based in Stamford, Connecticut. He is most known for developing CryptoPets, which he describes as a video game exploring the limits and practical applications of decentralized technology through engaging online battles, rewards, and game mechanics. He assembled a team of young developers around his age to create the blockchain-based game. Richardson also launched CoinScore, a market intelligence and due diligence platform for crypto-assets.


  • Richardson recognized an uptick in blockchain games with CryptoKitties, so he started his own version. 
  • However, he wanted to differentiate CryptoPets from its competition with a battle-based game rather than one designed to make money for the site.
  • He said the unique code of each individual pet adds to the game’s rarity and makes players more incentivized to collect them.