Water Intelligence

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Water Intelligence is a leading environmental services and technology company focused on water leaks detection and remediation. They remain committed to monitoring and protecting the world’s water infrastructure by maximizing their American Leak Detection franchise and corporate run opportunities, and establishing a UK franchise and corporate operation. Water Intelligence offers water conservation management, remediation, leak detection services, water flow monitoring, metering, leak survey, and usage management services. Their mission is to non-invasively locate and remediate water leaks in the residential, commercial and utility water markets.

Water Services:

  • Leak Detection
  • Water Management
  • Pressure Management and Servicing
  • Acoustic Logging
  • Mapping and Tracing
  • Water Conservation Surveys


Waste Water Services:

  • Acoustic Sewer Surveys
  • Mapping and Tracing of Sewer Networks
  • Implementation of new technology 


Asset Services:

  • Asset Surveys
  • Land/ Building Optimization
  • Logistics and Client Support