Founding Date

Vero is an ad-free and algorithm-free social network. The image- and video-focused application is similar to Instagram, drawing the attention of photographers, videographers and social media influencers popular there. With the goal to build a truly social social network, Vero is meant for anyone who loves anything enough to share it – and wants control over who they share it with.


  • Chronological Feed. 

Vero doesn't use your personal data to make money, so you won't see ads.

  • Audience Selector. 

The platform allows you to select an audience of close friends, friends, acquaintances or public for each post.

  • Trusted Recommendations. 

A recommendation from someone you know beats an algorithm any day.


  • No Ads. 

Vero makes their business model subscription-based, so they could be free of ads, making users their customers.

  • No Algorithms. 

Vero offers a clean, simple social experience you can trust.

  • No Data-Mining. 

Vero doesn't mine your data, nor sell access to you. You control your data and Vero allows you to behave in a way that is more natural to you.