The Investment Integration Project

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The Investment Integration Project is an applied research and consulting services firm that enables institutional investors to make the connection between portfolio-level decisions and systems-level considerations. It helps investors manage systemic societal and environmental risks, and solve systemic problems. The firm provides the data and tools needed to solve program inefficiencies, enhance impact measurement, and boost absolute returns.


Thought Leadership

TIIP posits corresponding theories of change rooted in system-level investing. It convenes industry experts to gather their insights, to discuss system-level investing challenges and opportunities as well as to share/co-create solutions.


TIIP combines extensive research with deep insight to identify, examine and evolve effective practices in system-level investing. It develops tools and frameworks for measuring and reporting on investors’ impacts on environmental, social, and financial system-level issues.


TIIP leverages its targeted, customized sustainable, and system-level investing toolkits to translate its theory and research into practice for any given client.