Stock Option Coach

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Stock Option Coach teaches trades how to generate consistent profits using a simple options trading strategy based on leverage and directional trades. By teaching students how to trade for a living, Randall Hudgens provides exclusive access to his personal strategy that he has developed and used for the last 10 years. With Stock Option Coach, you will learn how to simplify trading options and make confident decisions that are not based on guessing or accompanied by fear. The company offers innovative trading strategies, timely support, advanced technology, and direct access to your mentor.

“I turned my $10,000 account into a little over $50,000 in six months using the methodology I learned from my training with the Stock Option Coach.”

— Michel K. (Austin TX)

“I’m back at it with the gap, Coach… it exploded up this morning, took home a $7,000 profit this morning! Thank you for showing me this technique.”

— Brandon (Los Angeles, CA)

“I made over $62,000 on two PCLN trades in the 1st two months after finishing the course. Randall’s proprietary methodology was the missing ingredient in my trading.”

— Thoi D. (Des Moines, IA)