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RabbitHole enables users to acquire XP, level up, and earn rewards for interacting with well-known blockchain protocols. It breaks down each decentralized application into gamified tasks so users can understand the main functions of the application while simultaneously bootstrapping the network. With RabbitHole, users will be able to become early adopters of new projects and earn crypto as a reward.

Rabbit Hole solves a few of crypto’s current pain points:

  • No current incentive to bootstrap new networks and test the functionality. On RabbitHole, crypto networks can reward users with unique tokens or rewards for interacting with their smart contracts and testnets.
  • Overwhelming for a new user to filter through the noise. RabbitHole curates tasks for each application to provide the user with a guide rail and understanding of how the network works by using the network, not by just watching videos.
  • Crypto networks are missing the fun factor. By introducing game-like elements on top of existing contracts, RabbitHole provides an easy onboarding for new users to experience the paradigm shift into the decentralized world while simultaneously learning how to use crypto-enabled applications.