Offchain Labs

Founding Date

Offchain Labs is researching and developing scaling solutions for Ethereum smart contracts. Offchain Labs offers smart contract development and management solutions through the Arbitrium platform, a tech that instantly scales apps, reducing costs and increasing capacity without sacrificing Ethereum’s security. Arbitrum is the leading scaling provider for Ethereum and has two live chains—Arbitrum One, the scaling solution of choice for DeFi and NFTs and Arbitrum Nova, the newly announced gaming and social platform.


  • Arbitrum is one of the most popular and technically advanced Ethereum L2 blockchain.

  • Arbitrum One is the market-leading L2 secure scaling solution for decentralized application development on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Both Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova leverage the security and decentralization of Ethereum.

  • One and Nova provide a builder experience that's intuitive, familiar and fully EVM compatible.