Leonberg Capital

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Leonberg Capital is the go-to source for the U.S. and European REIT market intelligence. It provides various research solutions ranging from an investment newsletter to customized research, and other consulting services. This contrarian, value-oriented investment boutique specializes in mispriced real estate securities trading at high discounts to NAV and excessive yields.


✔ REIT Investment Newsletter

The service features 3 model portfolios targeting REITs trading at discounted valuations and high yields. ​

✔ Customized REIT Research 

Leonberg Capital provides ongoing coverage of the REIT market to various groups of investors including family offices, funds, HNW individuals, and other institutional investors

✔ Strategic REIT Consulting

REIT management teams contact the firm to get independent guidance on how to maximize shareholder value and improve their communication with potential investors.