Legacy Research Group

Legacy Research Group is one of the largest independent publishers in finance, with two million readers in over 140 countries, offering millions of people access to the best opinions and stock recommendations from professionals. Providing readers with a broad coverage on stocks, options, cryptos, and many more, Legacy Research does not have a one-size-fits-all approach to finance and investing, providing readers their own investing style. The firm is an amalgamation of 4 publishing firms—Casey Research, Brownstone Research, Rogue Economics, and Palm Beach Research Group.


  • A handy directory that introduces you to all the experts on the Legacy Research team.

  • Includes helpful bios and descriptions of the various publications written by each of Legacy's gurus.

  • Insights and recommendations from Dave Forest, Jeff Brown, Nomi Prins, Teeka Tiwari, and their handpicked team of experts.


  • Casey Research — Helps you earn superior returns through innovative investment research techniques designed to capitalize on market dislocations.

  • Rogue Economics — Shows you where average investors are making big mistakes, and how to protect yourself and your money.

  • Palm Beach Research Group —  Guiding you along the path to real, sustained financial prosperity through comprehensive wealth-building strategy.

  • Brownstone Research — Offers bleeding-edge technology trends with the potential to exponentially grow investors' wealth and revolutionize the world.