Forest for the Trees

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Forest for the Trees is a macroeconomic research firm that helps institutional investors and corporate strategic planners make smart investment decisions. It provides groundbreaking macroeconomic commentary and clear explanations of intricate ideas highlighting insights that you might not have examined before. FFTT uses its four key principles to come to contrarian conclusions.

Forest for the Trees Key Principles

  1. Excess returns accrue to economic bottlenecks.
  2. An important component of investment outperformance is attributable to sector selection rather than individual stock picking. Investing in the right sectors is critical to investment outperformance.
  3. Pay more attention to what economic actors do than to what they say.
  4. In an increasingly short-term focused, 'siloed' investment landscape, the ability to take a step back to see "The Forest For The Trees" can drive significant investment outperformance.