Finbox Inc.

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Finbox offers a full suite of fresh financial data to nearly every exchange in the world. It covers more than 100,000 stocks on over 135 exchanges around the globe to equip investors who are looking to dominate the markets. Finbox partnered with Standard & Poors Market Intelligence to efficiently handle over 900 million data points so investors are never caught working with stale data.


✓ Powerful stock screener

There are a lot of assets traded around the world. To make it easy to find the ones that match your criteria, Finbox offers a power screening tool that allows you to filter based on thousands of up-to-date metrics.

✓ Fair value estimates

Finbox has developed advanced financial modeling technology that can build millions of valuation models a day, such as discounted cash flow models, comparable company analyses, and dividend discount models to estimate fair value

✓ Excel and Google Spreadsheets add-ons

Finbox offers Google Spreadsheets and Excel add-ons that allow you to import data directly into your workbook. This makes it easy access to your favorite data points like public company stock quotes, historical financials, valuation and fundamental ratios, fair value targets, and more.

✓ Charts

Finbox's charting engines allow you to visualize time-series and fundamentals data for multiple companies quickly.