Douro Labs

Founding Date

Doura Labs is a cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure focused on the acceleration and development of the Pyth Network, the largest first-party financial oracle network for delivering real-time financial market data to smart contracts applications. Launched in 2023, Douro Labs is building oracle tooling, products, and Web3 infrastructure that will expand the Pyth Network's suite of decentralized data services and enhance access to real-time, once-exclusive market data for all blockchain participants.


Building essential infrastructure.

  • Oracle tooling — Develops tools and technologies that ensure a smooth and efficient flow of reliable market data.

  • Products — Creates innovative products that leverage Pyth data to power DeFi applications and Web3 protocols.

  • Web3 infrastructure — Strengthens the Pyth Network's infrastructure by building decentralized solutions for data storage, transmission, and governance.

Enhancing data availability. 

  • Actively seeks to integrate new data providers onto the Pyth Network, diversifying the available real-time data feeds beyond just traditional financial markets.

  • Provides data with fine-grained detail, catering to the specific needs of various on-chain applications.

Enhancing accessibility and transparency. 

  • Simplifies the process for developers and projects to access Pyth data, fostering wider adoption within the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Promotes open-source development and community participation, aiming for a transparent and trustless data distribution system.


  • The Pyth Network is the largest first-party oracle for the world's financial data.

  • The network supports more than 300 real-time price feeds across major asset classes including digital assets, equities, ETFs, FX, and commodities

  • The Pyth Network has been used by DeFi protocols in over $65B in trading volume and in over 180 applications.