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Dohmen Capital Research is an investment management firm that offers a unique, often contrarian approach to investment and economic research on equities, fixed income, and ETFs utilizing technical analysis in combination with macroeconomic and credit market analysis. Dohmen Capital Research was founded in 1977 and has a track record and customer loyalty that is unmatched. For over 40 years, Dohmen Capital has provided clients with unique investing research and analysis through a number of subscription services, including The Wellington Letter, an award-winning comprehensive overview of the markets and macroeconomic trends. The firm provides subscription services to its clients in addition to a revolutionary new investment membership program, allowing clients to manage their own portfolio with Dohmen's professional guidance in an incredibly simple, convenient, efficient, and transparent way.

Wellington Letter

Dohmen Capital Research

  • The firm's investment and economic research has allowed them to forecast the major turns in the global investment markets.

  • Dohmen Capital provides a wealth of investment information, including Bert Dohmen's own fundamental and technical analysis of the economy and markets, included in each of the services.