Diamond Standard

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Founding Date

Diamond Standard is the producer of the world's first regulator-approved diamond commodity, a revolutionary digital asset. It unlocks the potential of natural diamonds as a hard-asset for institutional investors. Delivered as a physical coin or bar, this commodity can be transacted as a token on a blockchain, with diamonds supplied fairly via transparent bids on an electronic diamond exchange. The company works with regulators, auditors, and financial sponsors to ensure fairness, transparency, consistency, and liquidity.


  • Regulator Approved: Yes
  • Underlying Value: Yes
  • Scarcity: Naturally Scarce, Elastic
  • Transactions: Electronic, Global and Instant
  • Storage: Low Cost
  • Authentication: Instant
  • Securities: Futures, ETFs
  • Recourse for loss: Recoverable Physical Asset
  • Volatility: 0.67x