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Cadre is a premier digital marketplace for commercial real estate investing. The company provides institutions and individuals access to previously inaccessible quality real estate and alternative investment opportunities. It leverages data-driven insights and innovative technologies to better help investors achieve outsized risk-adjusted returns. With Cadre, investors are able to build a commercial real estate portfolio especially tailored to their unique investment style.

Cadre Direct Access Fund

Cadre Direct Access Fund is a highly diversified portfolio of multifamily, industrial, office, and hotel properties focused on 15 high-potential growth markets across the United States. If you prefer to automatically diversify into commercial real estate, consider the Fund

Minimum investment size: $25,000 across the Fund


Deal-By-Deal is suiter for investors who would rather select individual assets. Cadre typically launches a new asset once per month and launch secondary buyer windows once per quarter. In both cases, equity is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Minimum investment size: $50,000 per deal