Big Picture Trading

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Big Picture Trading is an educational and mentoring service that aims to empower traders to take control of their trading and investment objectives with confidence. It follows a proven training methodology that is supported by real-time trading and investment alerts and daily market analytics. Big Picture Trading gives members the tools and strategies needed to find, analyze and execute trades that can generate big profits by taking small, calculated risks.


Macro Analytics

Receive Patrick’s daily scouting report, a concise video update of macro trends as they unfold across the markets.

Where’s the Trade LIVE

Join Patrick LIVE as he analyzes profit opportunities and executes trades step-by-step with market commentary.

Daily LIVE Q&A

Get your questions answered by Patrick Ceresna himself.

Watchlists & Portfolios

Receive Patrick’s Top Three trades each week, sent directly to your inbox with all the supporting info and details, so that you can follow along step-by-step.

Educational Content

The Member Bonus Content library includes starter videos, option boot camps, advanced risk management strategies all so you can learn to stack the odds in your favor.

Tools & Resources

Compare and test theories inside amazing options simulators and calculators, track your trades with spreadsheets.