WeWork is an office co-working real estate company

More About WeWork

Key Facts About WeWork
  • Specializes in co-working spaces that are modern, trendy, creative and fun
  • Focuses on creating a community for co-working tenants
  • Rapidly growing startup
    • Has received billions in debt and equity financings
    • Has the potential to become the largest commercial real estate tenant in New York City (2018)
  • Tenants are typically small companies and/or startups

WeWork Investing Criticisms
  • Created and uses the controversial term "Community Adjusted EBITDA" as an accounting metric
  • They have not really created anything new - at the end of the day they are still just renting out office space (something countless other companies do)
  • Wework is on the hook for long-term real estate leases, but its tenants typically sign up for flexible short-term leases
    • If many of these tenants shut down or move during a recession, WeWork is still liable for the long-term leases
    • If many of these tenants move to other co-working spaces, WeWork is still liable for the long-term leases