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Collectible Coins
Collectible Asset

Collectible Previous Metal Coins are currency in the form of coins that are either made from precions metals

More About Collectible Precious Metal Coin

  • Collectible coins are usually made from gold, silver or platinum
  • Value of the coin is measured in two parts:
    • The value of the amount of precious metal in the coin (bullion value)
    • The value attributed to rarity or condition (numismatic value
    • Example:
      • The total market value of a rare coin from 1776 might be $5,000
      • The value of gold in a coin might be $1,000 at today's market prices
      • The numismatic value might be $4,000 given how rare the coin is
  • Grey Sheets is a pricing server dealers can use to measure the value of coins
  • You can send your coins to a professional rating service to get each one rated
    • PCGS Processional Coin Grading Services is an example
    • Rates help determine how valuable a coin is
    • coins can be rated on a large scale:  ungradable --> Min Standard